St Andrew’s is home to a fine long-standing choral tradition. The robed four-part choir (Soprano, Altos, Tenors and Basses) can be heard singing every Sunday morning at 10am, except the first Sunday of the month when it's 10.30am for the Family Service. On the third Sunday of the month at 5pm, they sing a traditional Choral Evensong which is a highlight for the choir and all who come to listen.


The Choir sing a broad-ranging repertoire of music, hymns and anthems to support our worship, encompassing plainsong, polyphony, and contemporary works. There are also special services throughout the year, such as our candlelit Nine Lessons and Carols Service at Christmas.








The Choir take part in the 2014 Remembrance Day Service around the Totteridge War Memorial 

Members of the choir in the choir vestry, before a service

An amateur voluntary group, the choir welcomes singers from all backgrounds and experiences. We are a friendly, welcoming and sociable group who enjoy each other's company. 


There is also the occasional opportunity to earn small sums through singing at weddings, baptisms or funerals.

EVERYONE is welcome in the St Andrew's Church Choir, and we would love to have you join us for our joyful and diverse music making. If you would like to become a choir member or you have any questions, please contact Richard Peart


"The human voice, trained to work in harmony with other voices and lifted up in praise and thanksgiving to God, produces an effect akin to a holy communion. Harmonious voices raise worship to another dimension, to an intangible level of experience that all recognise because we all know the spine-tingling this can cause. St. Augustine was once supposed to have said, "He who sings prays twice” - but I believe he meant more than this. Something happens to the song of the choral singer that makes it more than just any kind of song - the song itself becomes an expression of love for the one who is love itself."

Revd. Tim,