Hymns for 24th May 2020, 7th Sunday of Easter



486 Christ is the King! O friends rejoice


Christ is the King! O friends rejoice;

brothers and sisters with one voice

tell all the world he is your choice.



O magnify the Lord, and raise

anthems of joy and holy praise

for Christ’s brave saints of ancient days.



They with a faith for ever new

followed the King, and round him drew

thousands of faithful hearts and true.



O Christian women, Christian men,

all the world over, seek again

the Way disciples followed then.



Christ through all ages is the same:

place the same hope in his great name,

with the same faith his word proclaim.



Let love’s unconquerable might

your scattered companies unite

in service to the Lord of light.



So shall God’s will on earth be done,

new lamps be lit, new tasks begun,

and the whole church at last be one.








Psalm 68 (1-10)


1.  Let God arise and let his ǀ enemies be ǀ scattered : let them also that ǀ hate him ǀ   flee beǀfore him.

2.  Like as the smoke vanisheth, so shalt thou ǀ drive them aǀway : and like as wax melteth at              the fire, so let the ungodly ǀ perish at the ǀ presence of ǀ God.

3.  But let the righteous be glad and reǀjoice before ǀ God : let them ǀ also be ǀ merry and ǀ joyful.

4.  O sing unto God and sing praises ǀ unto his ǀ Name : magnify him that rideth upon the    heavens as it were upon a horse, praise him in his Name JAH ǀ and reǀjoice beǀfore him.

5.  He is a father of the fatherless, and defendeth the ǀ cause of the ǀ widows : even God in his ǀ     holy ǀ habiǀtation.

6.  He is the God that maketh men to be of one mind in an house, and bringeth the prisoners ǀ      out of capǀtivity : but letteth the ǀ runagates conǀtinue in ǀ scarceness.

7.  O God when thou wentest forth beǀfore the ǀ people : when thou ǀ wentest ǀ through the ǀ    wilderness;

8.  The earth shook and the heavens dropped, at the ǀ presence of ǀ God : even as Sinai also was    moved at the presence of God who ǀ is the ǀ God of ǀ Israel.

9.  Thou O God sentest a gracious rain upon ǀ thine inǀheritance : and reǀfreshest it ǀ when it was ǀ weary.

10. Thy congregation shall ǀ dwell thereǀin : for thou O God hast of thy goodness preǀparèd ǀ for the ǀ poor.


       Glory be to the Father, and | to the | Son : and | to the | Holy | Ghost;

as it was in the beginning, is now and | ever | shall be : world without | end.|  A’men.




691 Jesus shall reign where’er the sun


Jesus shall reign where’er the sun

does his successive journeys run;

his kingdom stretch from shore to shore,

till moons shall wax and wane no more.


People and realms of every tongue

dwell on his love with sweetest song,

and infant voices shall proclaim

their early blessings on his name.


Blessings abound where’er he reigns:

the prisoner leaps to lose his chains;

the weary find eternal rest,

and all the sons of want are blest.


To him shall endless prayer be made,

and praises throng to crown his head;

his name like incense shall arise

with every morning sacrifice.


Let every creature rise and bring

peculiar honours to our King;

angels descend with songs again,

and earth repeat the loud Amen.



ISAAC WATTS (1674-1748)

based on Psalm 72




612 Christ triumphant, ever reigning


Christ triumphant, ever reigning,

Saviour, Master, King!

Lord of heaven, our lives sustaining,

hear us as we sing:


Yours the glory and the crown,

the high renown, the eternal name.


Word incarnate, truth revealing,

Son of Man on earth!

power and majesty concealing

by your humble birth:


Suffering servant, scorned, ill-treated,

victim crucified!

death is through the cross defeated,

sinners justified:


Priestly king, enthroned for ever

high in heaven above!

sin and death and hell shall never

stifle hymns of love:


So, our hearts and voices raising

through the ages long,

ceaselessly upon you gazing,

this shall be our song: