The Electoral Roll is a register of all those who actively support their church; roll members generally worship regularly at St. Andrew’s and support our work financially through their stewardship to the church, though this is not a requirement of membership. We hope and pray that any new worshippers, who have attended St. Andrew’s at least once a month for six months or more, will consider this further step in supporting and belonging to the church family.


The Church’s Electoral Rolls are also the official membership list of the Church of England, and are completely revised every five years. Everyone who wishes to remain on the Electoral Roll has to re-apply at each revision.


What is the church’s work? In brief, this involves facilitating uplifting and reverent worship, deepening our spiritual awareness of Christ and his relevance to humanity, bringing new church members to baptism or confirmation, encouraging and supporting a sense of community beyond our own, offering pastoral care both in the parish and outside our borders to whoever is in need, and ministering to the sick, the dying and the bereaved, at home, in hospital or wherever necessary.


Application forms for Electoral Roll Membership are available in church or from Revd Tim. Or, click on this link to download one, which you can fill in and return to Sarah, our Administrator. Membership also entitles you to attend and vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, when Churchwardens are voted into office and the PCC secretary, the Treasurer, and the Priest-in-Charge present the last year’s APCM minutes with financial and activity reports, together with plans and aspirations for the future. 


We'd love to welcome you into our St. Andrew's Church family.

Are you a NEWCOMER TO St. Andrew's and would like to become a member of our ELECTORAL ROLL? Well, now is the time to sign up and join us. You will be more than welcome.  You can download a sign-up form above or you can pick one up at the back of the Church. (if you are already a member you do not need to do anything).