St. Andrew's Parish Office

St. Andrew’s Church Parish Office is currently closed, and our administrator is working from home, contact her here:


The national church Daily Hope phone line

This free national phone line is aimed particularly at the over 75’s who do not have access to the internet.  The line is available 24 hours a day on 

0800 804 8044.

The publicity explains that this is a simple way to bring worship and prayer into people’s homes. Callers will hear a special greeting from the Archbishop of Canterbury before choosing from a range of options, including ‘Prayer During the Day’, ‘Night Prayer’ and a recording of the Church of England’s weekly national online service. A section called Hymn Line also offers a small selection of hymns, updated daily. 

The Confidential Prayer Group

for the sick, the bereaved and those in particular distress or need will be meeting at various times, if you or someone you know would like to be included in our prayers, please contact Marion Archibald on 020 8445 4408.    

All information is treated as strictly confidential, and known only within the group.

Weddings, Baptism & Funerals

Weddings & Baptisms

To hold weddings & baptisms at St. Andrew's Church, please contact  Revd. Tim 



Funerals can be conducted at St. Andrew’s or at local crematoria,