St Andrew's Parish Church, Totteridge



(completely separate from the ‘Heart of Totteridge’ capital project)


Perhaps inevitably, with churches closed and no cash or credit card collections taking place, or even any income from hall bookings assuming there is one, national Church receipts up and down the land have suffered enormously.

Outgoing payments have not suffered the same fate,

and it has become necessary to advise all

who want to continue to support the

St Andrew’s Church Family,

that we must now put out an


We are very grateful to all those who have already signed up to the…



…but would encourage more to join it now.

Click HERE to learn more about the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)


To make the process easier for you to do, the PGS have now provided a telephone number you can call to set up a regular Direct Debit (D/D) donation to St. Andrew’s over the phone:


0333 002 1271


An administrator will take you through the required process, and you will need to have the following info to hand:


· Personal Bank A/C details

· The name of the Parish you wish to donate to i.e.:

St. Andrew’s Totteridge

· Whether you are happy to have your gift index-linked

in line with annual inflation.

(We’d be grateful if you can agree to this)

· Confirmation of your eligibility for Gift Aid 

(which increases your gift by 25%)

· You will be asked for the

PGS code for St. Andrew’s: 320632029.

· You will then receive written confirmation

(via post or email) of your new D/D.


We sincerely hope that, whilst you have

more time at home to do so,

you will please take the opportunity

to call them at the PGS to sign up.


Alternatively, if you prefer to donate via a standing order,

or via a one-off BACS payment

Account no: 60787353 / Sort Code: 20-95-61

we shall only be too pleased to receive this. However, do note that the PGS is the preferred way of giving as far as the national church is concerned and not only helps ensure a regular gift, it helps recover Gift Aid and if you tick the box, agreeing to an annual inflationary index on your gift, it reduces the need for givers to remember to do so and thereby helps maintain church income.


Thanking you in advance,


Revd. Tim & the St. Andrew’s PCC.