Our Vision Statement:


   "We aim to be a vibrant, welcoming, Christian church at the heart of the community, sharing God’s love with everyone’'


   Our Mission: 

The world is struggling to find meaning in life and modern secular culture is uncertain about the business of deeper symbolic understandings. Many are becoming increasingly wary of anything that has religious designs on us and on the way we choose to live our lives. In trying to stay in control of our personal space, we can easily overlook the importance of wonder, the beauty of the imagination, and the discovery of a loving absolute that really cares about us all, whatever life brings. 


From the Old Testament of the Bible, we are told to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves (Deuteronomy 30.6). Jesus affirms this and goes on to tell us to seek his Kingdom (Matthew 6:33). This we understand to mean that we should try to build a society where love, mercy and forgiveness become the panacea to all the various conflicts we face today, from loneliness and heartache to selfishness and greed.  Jesus told us to bring his good news to the poor, healing to the broken-hearted, release to the captive, sight to the blind and freedom to the oppressed. What could possibly be better than this?


God has been trying to tell us this 'good news' for millennia, most recently in the watershed that was the coming of God himself amongst us, through Jesus of Nazareth. Through his life, ministry and teaching, we believe we were brought a message of realistic hope and the discovery of true joy. A message of inclusivity, hospitality and trust that may be written large on our hearts, allowing us to grow closer to God and find all that we need for life.


Through Jesus’ teaching we believe that we can have the joy of growing our relationship with God. We discover that love is found through carefully giving it away and that through worship, prayer and selfless action, we can begin to discover an inner peace, a profound healing and a new meaning that can transform our lives.