Giving to St. Andrew's Church

Keeping an old church going from generation to generation isn't easy; if you are able to help us with a donation of whatever size, we would be most grateful. Practically speaking, our activity demands expenditure on a number of fronts;


  • facilitating uplifting and reverent worship

  • deepening our spiritual awareness of Christ and his relevance to humanity

  • bringing people to baptism or confirmation

  • encouraging and supporting a sense of community

  • offering pastoral care in the parish and beyond to whoever is in need, and ministering to the sick, the dying and the bereaved, at home, in hospital or wherever necessary

  • maintaining the church building, parish hall and churchyard, in good order


These are just some of our endeavours, and we are exceedingly grateful for whatever help you can give.

There are many ways you can give or help - click below to explore these options.

With sincere thanks for whichever method you choose to give to us,

Revd Tim